Honored, Blessed + Appreciative

Friends, it has been a true honor to serve as your Victory Chairman for the past twelve months. Answering Governor McDonnell’s call to serve our party and volunteering side by side with so many of you for the past year has been one of the greatest honors I’ve had in my life.

Friends, last night we fell short – in Virginia and across the nation. Although we knocked more doors, made more calls, raised more campaign funds, and built the largest grassroots army in Virginia’s history – we didn’t get over the goal line here in the Commonwealth.

In the coming days, there will be a lot of soul searching, a lot of data crunching, and I’m sure more than a few post-mortems penned. I’ll leave that debate to the professionals – that can be litigated at another time and another place. I know that data-geek in me is itching to dive deeply into the math – and to search deeply into our soul as a movement – to figure out how we got beat and what is our path forward. I have some ideas, but another time…

One of our amazing volunteers put it into perspective last night, when they said to me, “We all need to ask ourselves: What did we do during the biggest political battle of our lives? Did we put our country, our conservative cause and our party first? And if we did, we can find peace, we can take time to heal, we can regroup and we can pick up our fight again”. One of the many wonderful things about our grassroots volunteers in Virginia is that I’m constantly learning from and being inspired by them.

I know that like so many of you, my wife Burson and I poured every ounce of time and energy – and our hearts and souls into serving and advancing this cause.

I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many of you who have worked so hard – for our country, for our cause and for our party.

Our eyes may be a bit bleary and our hearts may be temporarily broken – but our cause remains just and our fight is far from over. I remain more convinced than ever that if we stand tall for conservative principles and fight with all of our hearts, we will not lose.

Onward to Our Next Victory,

Pete Snyder

Chairman, Virginia Victory