About Victory

Virginia Victory is the coordinated campaign in charge of winning the state of Virginia for the Republicans in 2012.  We are on the ground with offices all over the state of Virginia, rallying the grassroots to organize, get involved, raise money, and ultimately defeat President Obama, Tim Kaine, and congressional Democrats up and down the ballot this year.

The Chairman of the Virginia Victory effort in 2012 is Pete Snyder. Snyder is the CEO of Disruptor Capital, a Virginia-based seed and angel capital investment company focused on funding and growing disruptive technologies, ideas and entrepreneurs. Prior to starting Disruptor, Pete was the Founder & CEO of New Media Strategies, the world’s first and, currently, the largest social media marketing agency.

Visit our office locations page today and find the Victory office closest to you.  Take a moment to signup for our email updates, and if you are able, please donate to our effort.